It's live on TAPAS!

Hello, what a surprise, so many blog posts in such a short span of time! Wow, what happened? Am I sick? No. BUT well, The Snow King's second edition is officially available since yesterday on Tapas website and mobile app (android & iPhone).

How to use Tapas? You register and/or download the app for free. It's better if you use both the mobile version and the desktop version, because they have a bit of different functions available. I usually switch between them. Anywaaaaaay, just click on the link and read :D The first 2 "episodes" are completely free, and you can unlock each new episode with a key. You'll notice there's already 1 key available to you, so you can actually read 3 episodes for free ;)
You can buy keys with coins and you can get them by a) watching adds on the mobile phone every now and then b) purchasing them.

You know, I was very adamant refusing in-app purchases in the past*. But then I came across a story I so badly wanted to read and I was just too impatient to wait till I could watch ads again (there's a limit per day on them), and... well, if I buy coins to get keys, not only am I reading the stuff sooner, but I support the author, as well. So win-win. Now I buy a certain amount of coins each month and that's my reading-allowance :D

Thesecoins can be used to "tip" authors, as well. Think of it as showing appreciation for their hard work :)

(*still not using them for games. no way.)