The Snow King

After losing a battle to his nemesis, demigod Edur was cursed to a century-long sleep in a small town located in North Wales. When he is awakened from his slumber by a beautiful woman, he wakes with a cold desire for vengeance. But time has left him behind, and he has a great deal to learn about the modern world, leaving him at a disadvantage against his foe.

Struggling artist Gwen Morgan didn't expect to stumble upon an ancient being sleeping in a cave on her daily walk. After accidentally waking Edur, she reluctantly takes on the responsibility of teaching him about the modern world. Though he is arrogant and frighteningly powerful, she soon learns there is a softer side beneath his icy surface.

Babysitting an ancient being with strange powers s no small feat, but when Gwen learns of Edur's plan to bring on eternal winter, she is determined to stop him. Will Gwen's kindness and affection be enough to warm Edur's heart, or will he succumb to the cold seduction of vengeance?

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