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Novelist, not a short-storyist

At the tender age of 13, I realized that there are some very, very fortunate people who write down their daydreams. And that is how they earn their living. That's their job.

So I decided I wanted to be one of them. Of course I immediately started my adventure as a novelist and wrote a two-book series. Legit, full-length novels. Then I wrote another one. Because I wanted to be a novelist, not a short-storyist, you see. Whoever said to start with baby steps, didn't know me.

If you like fantasy with romance, PNR, and time-travel romance, we have the same interests. Occasionally, I will dabble with sci-fi romance. My main project right now is a series of time-travel, paranormal romance. 3in1, you get everything in one book series. I’m very interested in Celtic folklore, Japanese and Korean culture which you will notice reading my stories.

Feedback and deadlines make me write more! Chocolate helps, too. You can support me by either buying me chocolate at KoFii(It says ‘buy me a cup of coffee’, but don’t let that confuse you, the money is going towards a chocolate found to make me more productive), or consider becoming my Patron (Patreon page will be up soon)! In exchange, you’ll get access to my research on medieval Japan. How cool is that?!