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The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.
- Muriel Rukeyser

Writer, daydreamer, traveler. I’ve always liked telling stories and constantly catch myself daydreaming about distant lands, fictional events and characters. When I was 13, I realized there are some very lucky people called novelists whose job was to write these things down so I decided to become one!

I juggle a full-time day job, several creative hobbies, caring for family, and fitting in time for writing. I write fantasy romance, PNR, and time-travel romance, with the odd story from another genre every now and then. I’m very interested in Celtic folklore, Japanese and Korean culture, I love myths and my stories usually reflect this.

Feedback and deadlines make me write more! Chocolate helps, too. You can buy me chocolate here: KoFi. It says ‘buy me a cup of coffee’, but don’t let that confuse you, the money is going towards a chocolate found to make me more productive!

- Kate