Cover reveal!

I got a new cover for The Snow King! I'll re-publish this weekend using that cover on Amazon and Smashwords, which means you'll be able to see it at other retailer's stores. I think I keep the original cover on Tapas for the time being.

Important things:

  1. Are you interested in a sneak peek for The Fir King? You'll be able to find it in the newly uploaded, Author's preferred version! Or, if you forward me the e-mail of your earlier purchase, you can ask for the sneak peek and I'll happily send it to you!
  2. I have a newsletter now. Don't worry, I'll only send one or two mails per month. Why would you want to subscribe, though? Easy: you'll get extra content (an extra long chapter from The Snow King), and if this wasn't enough, you'll be the first to know when I publish the next book. Here's the link to subscribe: NEWSLETTER.

Happy holidays and enjoy the rest of 2017. You deserve to enjoy, it's been a rough year! Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and read a good book ;)




How do you like it? :)

I have a date!

Not that kind of date, but a date for the release of my book! If you click on 'Books', you will see a wonderfully winterly cover and a description of the book. It'll be available from 21st December, 2014, on Amazon Kindle.

What to do in the next couple of days until release day? You might want to read the first chapter for free - just click on the 'Books' menu ;)

PS.: If you don't have Kindle, you can download a free app from the Amazon site for your other devices. Alternatively, the book will be available on other platforms - 90 days later.

Winter tale e-book [to publish]

Great news! I finally have something you'll be able to read soon! If all goes according to plan, then you'll be able to download this e-book from various platforms before Christmas!

But what is this 'winter tale' I'm talking about? And urban fantasy novella/novelette, set in winter. Add a little bit of magic, adventure and romance and you'll get a nice story to read or gift during the holidays! You'll find more details on my Books page within the week. I'm also adding a status report to my trilogy.

I'm so excited! I'm finally publishing something! You'll be able to actually read one of my stories! I hope you'll like it :) Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming days/weeks.

Happy Advent :)