I love tea. I need tea every morning, otherwise I have a strange day. My favourites are green jasmine tea and vanilla rooibos. Recently, I've come to like the chai latte made in an extremely popular coffee shop chain.

Flavoured green tea is the best in my opinion. I like black tea, but it's not very good for my teeth. If black tea, then my choice is Earl Grey - Lipton or Twinings.

As for fruit teas, pomegrenate tea is very lovely in the cold weather. There's also a very delicious passion fruit tea made in the aforementioned coffee shop chain. And the infusion-herbal Caribbean tea made by Lipton in pyramid bags is enchanting, too bad it's impossible to find nowadays :( But there's this selection of four different flavoured teas by Lipton, it's called 'Pleasure collection'. I like three out of four flavours, that's a good ratio: my absolute favourite is Pear Chocolate (black tea). I also like Strawberry cupcake (green tea) and Blueberry muffin (black tea). I wish I had a box full of Pear Chocolate teabags!

New favourites include Twinings mango & lychee green tea and M&S's Vanilla and Chocolate nibs rooibos tea infusion. Two kinds of tea I can only buy abroad...