They are absolutely amazing!

Here are some interesting articles I found on the topic and events:

  • We might have an exomoon! | 29. 07. 2017.
  • About 6 light years away, there's the coldest brown dwarf found so far. It "burns" between -48 and -13 °C. | 25. 04. 2014.
  • Kepler has found another exoplanet in the Habitable Zone of a smaller star. It's 10% bigger than Earth. | 17. 04. 2014.
  • 20th March: Spring Equinox 2014
  • Kepler has found quite a few potentially habitable exoplanets. Here's a list! (Updated: 3rd March, 2014.)
  • 25th December, 2013: Peter Capaldi is the next Doctor! Oh, wait, maybe I should've written this elsewhere...
  • Coldest Place on Earth - You've guessed right, it's on Antarctica! | December, 2013.
  • 6th June, 2012: The Venus Transit. I actually dragged myself out of bed about 5:30 AM just to see it. The early summer morning was really nice - and a bit chilly. The moment felt historic, even though I wasn't able to see the transit. Next time something like this happens, I'll queue at an observatory.
  • About Kepler-22b, a planet found in a distant star system - the first planet we found which is inside the "habitable zone" aside from our own | December, 2011.

And in recent years, more and more exoplanets are discovered in the habitable zones of distant stars. It's all very exciting and making my imagination run wild with all the possibilities! Not to mention all the data collecting devices NASA sent out. They've sending back valuable info on our solar system, never before seen pictures of Pluto and such! I feel we're advancing quicker in space discovery than ever. That is to say, we still only know a fraction of the world that surrounds us. Very exciting times, indeed!