Cover reveal!

I got a new cover for The Snow King! I'll re-publish this weekend using that cover on Amazon and Smashwords, which means you'll be able to see it at other retailer's stores. I think I keep the original cover on Tapas for the time being.

Important things:

  1. Are you interested in a sneak peek for The Fir King? You'll be able to find it in the newly uploaded, Author's preferred version! Or, if you forward me the e-mail of your earlier purchase, you can ask for the sneak peek and I'll happily send it to you!
  2. I have a newsletter now. Don't worry, I'll only send one or two mails per month. Why would you want to subscribe, though? Easy: you'll get extra content (an extra long chapter from The Snow King), and if this wasn't enough, you'll be the first to know when I publish the next book. Here's the link to subscribe: NEWSLETTER.

Happy holidays and enjoy the rest of 2017. You deserve to enjoy, it's been a rough year! Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and read a good book ;)




How do you like it? :)

It's live on TAPAS!

Hello, what a surprise, so many blog posts in such a short span of time! Wow, what happened? Am I sick? No. BUT well, The Snow King's second edition is officially available since yesterday on Tapas website and mobile app (android & iPhone).

How to use Tapas? You register and/or download the app for free. It's better if you use both the mobile version and the desktop version, because they have a bit of different functions available. I usually switch between them. Anywaaaaaay, just click on the link and read :D The first 2 "episodes" are completely free, and you can unlock each new episode with a key. You'll notice there's already 1 key available to you, so you can actually read 3 episodes for free ;)
You can buy keys with coins and you can get them by a) watching adds on the mobile phone every now and then b) purchasing them.

You know, I was very adamant refusing in-app purchases in the past*. But then I came across a story I so badly wanted to read and I was just too impatient to wait till I could watch ads again (there's a limit per day on them), and... well, if I buy coins to get keys, not only am I reading the stuff sooner, but I support the author, as well. So win-win. Now I buy a certain amount of coins each month and that's my reading-allowance :D

Thesecoins can be used to "tip" authors, as well. Think of it as showing appreciation for their hard work :)

(*still not using them for games. no way.)

Amended launch date

Hey All,

I should've known Murphy wouldn't let me off so easily... Due to unforseen events, my launch date was delayed. Now it's all solved and we agreed the new date would be 5th September.

Be sure to get the Tapas app before that! ;) (It's completely free - there are optional in-app purchases which supports authors.) The Snow King will be back with new chapters and never-before-read scenes! I'm very excited! :)

See you on launch day! Frisco time, so it might actually be 6th September for those of us in Europe!


I've come here to break tell you some news, but seeing my posts, I've just realised it's been 1,5 years since my last update. Oh gosh, I'm such a shitty blog poster...

Ahem, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, BIG NEWS!

Have you heard of TAPAS app? Formerly known as Tapastic? No? Yes? Let me quickly tell you the gist of it. It's a mobile application (also available on desktop, but with less functions), and originally it was only for comics. People upload comics, people read comics and they interact with each other, enjoying fab stories!
And they've started accepting submissions for novels! I think you know where I'm going with this ;) The Snow King has been accepted! I'm currently working on a deadline to deliver an even better second edition than the first one was. Hope you'll love it! My book will be available mid-August on Tapas and as soon it's done, I'm updating the Kindle version, too.

So what does this mean to you?
1) There will be some extra chapters!
2) There will be one extra chapter exclusive on Tapas at the end of the story!
3) You can either read on Tapas (website or app) or buy the Kindle book version. Actually, I'm going to distribute it on more channels, not just Kindle. So if you held back before because of a lack of Kindle or its app, now there's nothing that can stand in your way of reading an awesome winter fairy tale!

What does this mean to me? I actually have a publishing contract. Hopefully, more people will read and enjoy my book and that is, in itself is a splendid thing! Save the date: 14th Aug! Or 15th, depending on your timezone ;)

PS.: I'm uploading a short story to Tapas in the meantime. Feel free to check it out.
PS.2.: The fresh Chapter 1 is available on this website exclusively, until it's published elsewhere.

It's that time of the year again

October 16th, 15 days to go before National Novel Writing Month, also knows as NaNoWriMo. This will be my 7th year.

However, before NaNo begins, I'm working on a better edition of The Snow King. I have had some time in spring to work on it, very little time in June, then my intense job began, lasted till end of September, with no time to write/edit. 15 days to go till NaNo, I'll make it a point to work on a chapter per day at least.

Also, looking for a fitting, permament job, drop me a line if you hear anything, thanks. And I made the first step for acquiring my driving lisence! Yay! The course will be in November, but it'll be managable even with NaNo in my opinion. I mean, if I could do NaNo while doing second to last semester at Uni, or working full time, then I can deal with a driving course, yes?

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Do you have any plans for Halloween? Or November?

Plans for The Snow King

Hello again! I'm back to my infrequent schedule of posting here.

So I published my novella on amazon, an enrolled in kdp select. I'd have to say, if you have only 1 book out, maybe it's better not to enroll and to go out on all platforms. Just for future reference, kdp select is probably the best option if you have one or more book series.

I am also thinking of doing a second edition before I go out on all platforms. The story was written very quickly and I had it pointed out that it would benefit to make the book longer. And I want to make it a more enjoyable read, so if you have any helpful comments, please tell me. If you've already purchased the book, do not worry, because as far as I know, the new edition will automatically download to your device as soon as it is published and you're online and you've opened the book.

Or something like that. I might need to check planetary alignments, too, just to be sure it isn't another condition.

And it seems I'm back to Budapest. Then I'm back to London in the summer. Crazy life, huh? On a side note, I've picked up food photography as a hobby. Even though I should probably work on my next book (and/or the second edition for The Snow King).

See you next time! (Whenever that'll be!)

I have a date!

Not that kind of date, but a date for the release of my book! If you click on 'Books', you will see a wonderfully winterly cover and a description of the book. It'll be available from 21st December, 2014, on Amazon Kindle.

What to do in the next couple of days until release day? You might want to read the first chapter for free - just click on the 'Books' menu ;)

PS.: If you don't have Kindle, you can download a free app from the Amazon site for your other devices. Alternatively, the book will be available on other platforms - 90 days later.

Winter tale e-book [to publish]

Great news! I finally have something you'll be able to read soon! If all goes according to plan, then you'll be able to download this e-book from various platforms before Christmas!

But what is this 'winter tale' I'm talking about? And urban fantasy novella/novelette, set in winter. Add a little bit of magic, adventure and romance and you'll get a nice story to read or gift during the holidays! You'll find more details on my Books page within the week. I'm also adding a status report to my trilogy.

I'm so excited! I'm finally publishing something! You'll be able to actually read one of my stories! I hope you'll like it :) Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming days/weeks.

Happy Advent :)