More time to write

So, as promised, I’ll try to make my posts more frequent. Today, I’ll tell you about how awesome and scary it is to leave your day job.

I was offered a new contract at my job, but it wasn’t good enough to stay, that’s the harsh truth. Also, I wanted to do something more or just some stuff differently, (make it more efficient), and things just didn’t move. And here came this opportunity with a leeway of a few weeks.

Anyway, I’ve decided to dedicate most of my time to novel writing. Because that’s what I really enjoy doing. I’m sick of the 8-5 job at an office. That’s how it is. So, on one hand, I’ll have more time to do what I love doing (novel writing), on the other hand, it’s a bit scary when you realize there’s no income in a couple of weeks. Eeek.

I’m eager to see how far momentum goes! Already, I’ve written a bunch and I have more brain for the little things, you know. Like blog posts. Or details in my stories. It’s nice to see these things changing back to what they were supposed to be :)

Working on a website

Yes, this one. I have some ideas, but I think I might need a guide or something. Draw what and where I want things on the website. Like a mindmap.
Or maybe I don't need something like that and just go with the flow. 

About this blog section, I was wondering what to put here. Right now I'm thinking of interesting tidbits I found during my research for scenes, locations, characters or species. Or an interesting concept I read about in a book or article; or saw in a TV show. Would you be interested in those kind of posts?